About Us

Run-Walk Events held the very successful Race Across the USA event in 2015. Twelve runners started and seven made it all the way across the United States, running from Huntington Beach, CA to Washington DC. We had another 40 plus runners joining us for a day, four days or across an entire state. The team visited 28 schools along the way talking about our journey and the importance of eating right and daily activity. We raised over $55,000 the 100 Mile Club.

After this epic event, we talked about holding another one like it. However, in the end, we decided that we could have even a bigger, longer lasting and significant impact on communities across the country by launching a new fitness event. We call this fitness event the Run Walk Fitness Series. The goal of these events is to improve the fitness of the participants in the communities that we serve. Right now, we are launching two events in Central and Southern California with the goal of expanding our reach over time.

Run-Walk Events is organized as a California Non-Profit for the public benefit. Being a non-profit for the public benefit, we are chartered such that all board members are unpaid. In other words, we have an all-volunteer board who cannot financially benefit from their position on the board. The named roles are CEO, CFO, Secretary and Chairman. Race Directors, Assistant Race Director and paid race staff are 1099-contractors.

Run-Walk Events
2191 5th St Suite 200
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