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Darren Van Soye – Chairman   FacebookLogo TwitterLogo BlogLogo

Darren Van SoyeDarren Van Soye is a highly-networked individual dedicated to bring about positive change in the areas of fitness, hunger/obesity and education. He was a twenty-five year veteran in high-tech industry, including long-term engagements in the Aerospace, Financial and Justice industries. He was certified as a Project Manager (PMP) in 2006, with re-certification in 2009.

Darren is a race director, marathoner, ultramarathoner and Ironman. He has visited over 70 countries on six continents with over half this time in developing nations.

Doug Crouse  

Doug CrouseDoug Crouse is a retired Civil Engineer and business owner/operator. He served over 22 years on the Norco Planning Commission, including several terms on the Economic Development Committee and the Streets and Trails Commission.

Doug’s other activities include serving on the Governing Board of the Corona Regional Medical Center, serving as Finance Chair for his Church, as well as Treasurer for the church’s men’s club. He is active in the Norco Eastvale Rotary and helps his wife co-manage their office plaza in Norco.

Doug has been married to his teenage sweetheart for over 43 years and has two grown daughters and three grandchildren.

Linda Mazenko  

Linda MazenkoLinda Mazenko has three passions in her life: helping adults with special needs find employment, health and fitness, and running. She is the founder of a non-profit organization called Vocational Steps. They assist young adults with mild special needs in finding employment. Linda is also part of a planning committee for an annual running event for Peppermint Ridge in Corona, CA, which is a home for 100 + special needs adults. A marathoner and ultramarathoner, Linda hopes to help educate, entertain, encourage and motivate young kids across the United States to become physically fit.

Linda lives in Corona, CA, and has been married to the love of her life for 28 years. They have two adult children.


McKenzi Taylor   FacebookLogo TwitterLogo BlogLogo

McKenzi Big Bearc McKenzi Taylor is an adventure wedding photographer currently residing in Las Vegas, NV. While she dedicates most of her time to capturing people and their memories, she also has a passion for health & fitness and most recently rock climbing. Aside from living an active lifestyle, McKenzi thrives off of connecting people with similar interests and has started groups for running and rock climbing when they weren’t available in her communities. In addition to running a photography business, running, cycling, traveling, hiking and climbing, McKenzi connects female rock climbers with her inspiring website Rock Climbing Women.

She is also a board member of Las Vegas Climbers Liaison Council and the photographer for Create a Change Now which fills her desire to be part of her community and allows her to apply her Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership.

Sandy Van Soye   FacebookLogo TwitterLogo BlogLogo

Sandy Van SoyeSandy Van Soye was a 25-year Corporate IT veteran with significant experience in producing business cases, financial models and strategic recommendations for approval by executive leadership. She also has managed global project and service management groups with international business experience on four continents and with direct reports in the US, UK and India. She earned her MBA from UC Irvine.

In 2011, Sandy co-founded Trekking the Planet, which began as a 424-day around-the-world expedition to get students excited about geography and to appreciate the cultural and natural significance of the world. Over 50,000 students in 20 countries followed the journey. Today, she speaks to schools, civic groups and senior organizations about the importance of geography.

She was a Girl Scout Leader for seven years and enjoys hiking, backpacking and camping. A half-marathoner and marathoner, Sandy has served as a race director for several running events. She has traveled to over 70 countries on all six populated continents.

Jim Lincoln (Special Advisor) 

Jim LincolnJim Lincoln is an Organizational Leadership and Performance Consultant who takes great pride in tackling complex and ambitious challenges. He specializes in developing dynamic organizational cultures comprised of mindfully engaged and passionately inspired leaders who are capable of achieving needed business results. Jim has worked alongside and as a partner with various consulting firms, including the Meridian Consulting Group, Cruxpoint Consulting, Accenture, KPMG, and Sarkady.

In 2010 Jim began Operation Little Red Wagon. It partners with Pilots-N-Paws, AngelFlight, and GraceFlight to provide air-transportation for sick and disabled animals and people.

He is an outdoor enthusiast and marathon runner. Jim is an instrument-rated pilot and active member of general aviation.

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